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At A&W, we care about serving great-tasting burgers and that means caring about what goes into them. That’s why we only work with select ranches that raise their beef without any added hormones or steroids, and only use antibiotics for therapeutic purposes. We’re committed to offering Canadians burgers they can confidently enjoy, free of additives and preservatives—just 100% pure beef. We call it the A&W Pure Beef Guarantee, and it’s about doing our burgers right and doing right by you.

So Where Does Our Beef Come From?

So Where Does Our Beef Come From?

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Our beef has been raised by ranchers who are on the leading edge of sustainable practices. Being a leader isn’t always easy—but doing the right thing rarely is. That’s why we work with ranches like Spring Creek in Vegreville, Alberta; Meyer in Montana; and Teys in Australia. These ranchers and their local partners all follow the same stringent standards, raising their cattle with care and without any added hormones or steroids.

Spring CreekAlberta, Canada

The Kotelko family of Spring Creek Ranch has earned provincial and national awards for progressive innovation in environmental stewardship. For instance, they process cattle manure and other organic waste products into fertilizer and green energy, generating enough power for more than 2500 homes.

Meet the ranchers

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MeyerMontana, USA

Meyer Natural Foods in Montana is dedicated to raising and handling cattle in the most humane manner possible, with complete transparency and integrity. Their strict standards require that cattle be raised with shelter, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviours.

Meet the ranchers

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Teys Australia has not only made a strong ethical commitment to the environment, but also to the well-being of their cattle. All of Teys’ Grasslands cattle are raised on the fertile pastures of Southern Australia, where they’re free to roam and graze with access to fresh water and natural grass.

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A great burger starts with great beef

A great burger starts with great beef

We trust our ranchers to raise high-quality beef—it's been the foundation of our burgers since 1956. From our classic Teen Burger® to our new Buddy Burger, we want everything on our menu to deliver exceptional flavour that you can't find at any other quick-serve restaurant. We have naturally high standards when it comes to our beef. And you can taste it in every burger in our family.

A&W Mama Burger


A&W Papa Burger


A&W Grandpa Burger


A&W Teen Burger


A&W Uncle Burger

5 oz Uncle®

A&W Mama Burger


A&W Buddy Cheese Burger

Buddy Burger
With Cheese

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do you give your cattle antibiotics?

Our ranchers only use antibiotics when medically necessary to ensure the health of the animal, in the same way that most doctors recommend the use of antibiotics for people.

Where can I find out more about the ranches A&W works with?

Spring Creek

What does your “100% Pure Beef Guarantee” really mean?

Our 100% Pure Beef Guarantee means that all of our beef is raised without any added hormones or steroids, and comes from ranchers who are committed to being leaders in sustainable production. We use only 100% beef for our patties and add absolutely nothing else. No additives. No preservatives. Just beef.

What do you feed your cattle?

All of our cattle are fed a fully vegetarian diet. Typically, our cattle enjoy a mix of different grains and grass.

Does your beef supply go through verifications or audits?

We have rigorous verification that tracks all aspects of each animal’s life, from the farm to our restaurants. This ensures adherence to all regulatory guidelines and that all the beef we serve meets our high standards and specifications.

Have you changed the taste of your burgers?

We know that Canadians have loved the A&W Burger Family since 1956. That’s why we’ve never changed a thing about our recipe, other than using beef that’s been raised without any added hormones or steroids. Our Uncle Burger® will now feature the great taste of our 100% pure beef, raised without any added hormones or steroids, rather than conventional sirloin.

Which A&W burgers contain this beef?

The whole Burger Family®—from Baby to Uncle® to Grandpa®—contains 100% pure beef, raised without any added hormones or steroids.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Think we missed something? We’re happy to answer all your questions about our beef at betterbeef@aw.ca.